Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sir Stanley's Syrups

'Perfect Friday' is a mediocre heist drama directed by theatical big shot Peter Hall. Peter never really got to grips with the cinematic medium, and his few films are generally pretty static and stodgy. He was, however, able to attract some interesting actors, and this misfire at least stars Sir Stanley Baker, David Warner, T.P McKenna and Swiss Miss Ursula Andress.

But what of Lord Baker's hairpiece? Well, it's fairly lightweight but quite comprehensive, not terribly convincing but, as you will see in the last picture, he's obviously able to work it to his advantage.

Great Acting Tip #1: be excellent at looking 


He's very good in this not very good film, which is approximately one tenth as clever and swinging as it thinks it is.

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  1. That third shot has made my day. Perhaps my year.