Friday, 11 November 2011

Sir Stanley's Syrups

Sir Stanley Baker (1928-1976) was a formidable actor, one of the best the UK has ever produced.  Tough, pockmarked, fond of a pint and a punch up, he specialised in villains and deeply flawed heroes, and made some really great films.

Tonsorially challenged, he also wore a variety of interesting hair pieces, and this new feature will celebrate the best and worst of his attempts at scalp camouflage.

To start, here's the rather unflattering toupee he wore in violent mercenary drama 'The Last Grenade' (1970).

'I'm telling you it's my own hair, just combed forward'

Andrew Keir spots the join

Yes, he's wearing a pink vest. He's Stanley Baker, he doesn't give a shit.

More Sir Stanley Baker based false follical fun soon.


  1. One of our forum members has noticed your blog and I hope you don't mind that I have posted a link to your blog? Some of us are reviewing some of Stanley's movies such as 'The Last Grenade' and 'Perfect Friday'.