Wednesday, 9 November 2011

No Moore

Patrick Moore! Sir Patrick Moore! Monoculared, xylophonic genius, knows all about stars and planets and space. He’s dead clever, has a massive brain and can speak faster than any living human being on earth. Impressive eh? 


He wrote a series of six children’s books in the 1970s about a go getting square jawed astronaut called Scott Saunders.

Scott is sort of Dan Dare type that battles evil aliens and dirty rotten stinking foreigners. Why are the foreigners dirty rotten and stinking?

Because they are NOT BRITISH that’s why.

They are FOREIGN and therefore EVIL.

Looking back on these books it’s easy to read Moore’s thinly disguised xenophobia into them. Especially in light of his involvement with the Tories, the UK Independence party and Eurosceptic party (of which he is a patron). 


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