Monday, 14 November 2011

Love is A Splendid Illusion

'Love Is A Splendid Illusion' is a swinging melodrama from 1970 which looks amazingly tame today, almost certainly because of the removal of 15 minutes (!) of smut from the film at the censor's insistence prior to its original release.

Christian contemplates the unbearable angst of having sex seven times a day.

Christian Dubarri is an interior designer, a one time prospect whose star has waned due to the distractions of his busy personal life. Basically, Christian is at it all day, every day, being tirelessly and tiresomely unfaithful to his live in girlfriend, Amanda, who, in turn, is having an affair of her own. They have a son together, by the way, but aren't married. That's not an important detail to us, of course, but I'll bet it pissed the censor off.

Amanda shows him what he's missing

There's always a fantasy sequence.

'Mmn, looks like a biro top. How did that get in there?'

On the run from his creditors, and in pursuit of a contract, Christian takes Amanda to Italy where, after a brief second honeymoon period, he renews his relentless knobbing around with even less dicretion because, after all, he is on holiday. Amanda leaves him and flies home to be with her lover, and Christian, utterly devastated, looks sad for a nano second then continues his steamy affair with a dumpy, sexually liberated French woman (she goes on top and wears a chain around her midriff). Back in England, Amanda realises that she can't live without the bastard so goes and gets him from his girlfriend's house for a touching and entirely unconvincing reunion. The End.

Lost in love, part 36.


Michelle now only needed Paul, George & Ringo's severed heads to complete the set.

Another of those soapy / smut hybrids we (well, I) like so much, the film stars 'Loving Feeling' star, Simon Brent. Brent is a bit of a himbo, and perfectly suited to play the spectacularly selfish and pointless Christian. Brent's main issue as an actor is that he only acts when he has lines so keeps reverting to his default expression, a kind of slightly confused, rather disappointed look which occasionally makes the drama hard to follow.

Design by Dubarri; nausea, viewer's own.
Do they still have Boutiques? They should have, they're so much better than shops.

This image frightens me.
Full of alarming fashions and some interesting design choices, the film was produced by the splendidly named Bachoo Sen, who apparently owned a string of London cinemas and, presumably, got tired of watching other people's films make loads of money.

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