Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Love Box

The Love Box from 1976 is sadly yet another example of shite British smut. Loosely based around a magazine editor sitting in his grubby office reading out ‘kinky’ contact adverts. Similar to the equally dire The Wife Swappers, we are shown various vignettes where eye ball frighteningly ugly people shag in the least erotic ways possible. 

At one point a fat bloke with a bald patch and a beard (above) gets off with two ‘birds’ at the same time and is about as sexy as watching your Nan hump your Gramp on the table during Christmas dinner.

It’s dark, dingy, badly lit and strangely phenomenally brown for some reason. The ‘actors’ were probably just rounded up from the nearest bus stop the morning of the shoot.

It was directed by Tudor Gates, writer of The Vampire Lovers, Barbarella, Danger: Diabolik and Twins of Evil for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom.

These people really are hideous.

Now, there is a plus side to this film.

No, really - there is.

It’s Mike Vickers (ex Manfred Mann), who wrote the soundtrack which is one of the best things he’s ever done. The title song is so funny it’ll make your eyes water and there’s section in the film where it goes all psychedelic and Mike really wigs out. 

Oh and I like the font on the title card.

Um, that's about it really...

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  1. Looks phenomenal - must put it on my Xmas list.