Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday Night Film: Stridulum

'Stridulum' (aka 'The Visitor') is trash, absolutely no question, but it's bloody entertaining and pleasingly nuts, so it's an obvious choice for this seemingly endless feature.

Cosmic Ballet.

Special FX Frenzy.

An unholy mix of 'The Exorcist', 'The Omen' and 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind', 'Stridulum' tells the true story (no, not really) of a creepy eight year old called Katy who is actually the unearthly spawn of an Zathaar, an intergalactic criminal who has been impregnating Earth women for centuries. Luckily, Jesus (yes, really) is on the case, sending his emissary John Huston (who might be God, or St Peter, or Mother flipping Theresa for all I know) to bring the girl to safety and stop Zathaar's followers impregnating Katy's mother again.

'Window delivery for Mr. Huston'.

A stunt man pretending to be an eight year old girl.

After some time, a happy ending. 
 It's a hell of a ride, with loads of cosmic disco effects, an all star cast of has beens, a giant Pong game and some inventive murders. It's rather stretched out at an hour and forty minutes but, to be fair, you need the down time to try and work out what the fuck is going on before coming to the conclusion that any film where Jesus is shown living on a spaceship is probably beyond logical interpretation. Just go with it, it's easier.

Because of our viewing habits, my wife and I found it necessary to coin a phrase to describe films that are awful but very watchable - 'compelling crap'...'Stridulum' is compelling crap par excellence.

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