Monday, 3 October 2011


Talking of au pairs (we were, last week)...'Monique' isn't particularly smutty per se, more of a serious drama, although it is quite frank, and fits adultery, lesbianism and a menage a trois into the story, so it's not just a boring old waste of time.

'Not tonight, dear, your pyjamas are giving me a headache'

Bill and Jean have been married for five years, and they have two young children. Bill works in the city, Jean is bored out of her skull. They have uninterested sex and they bicker a lot. Jean wants an au pair so she can go back to work but Bill isn't convinced until Jean asks 'don't tell me you'd mind having another bird around the house?' and Bill, who secretly fancies himself as a ladies man, readily agrees.

Monique arrive

Monique isn't particularly young (she looks older than Bill and Jean) but she has a penchant for leather and is confident, intelligent, vivacious and French, i.e. up for it. Within a few days of arriving, the house has become a seething mass of intrigue and sexual tension thanks to her open, continental approach to love and life, i.e. she goes on top. She sleeps with Bill first, then Jean, then, once its all out in the open, with Bill and Jean. She's a real multi-tasker, as she's also dating other men on the side, looking after the kids, going to college, and isn't a bad header of the ball.

'Over 'ere, son, sur ma tête'

Life in a pressure cooker

The many faces of ecstasy

Caught in the act
'Monique' isn't a particularly shocking film, and it shows very little, but was apparently considered quite outrageous on release, perhaps because Bill and Jean aren't destroyed by their dalliances with Monique, instead, after a minimum of angst, becoming a considerably happier and far less uptight family unit. Monique has brought liberty, equality and fruitiness to the formerly frigid household and, in the end, as they all bunk up together, it seems an eminently grown up, good humoured and, in stark contrast to 'Sex & The Other Woman', believable solution.

Happy Endings
 Here's the rather comprehensive trailer. Does your marriage need a Monique?

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