Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Luuurrrve Variations

The Love Variations was filmed in 1969 by cheeky bugger David Grant (under the rubbish pseudo ‘Terry Gould’ for some reason) and was an adaptation of his book of the same name. It was Britain’s first sex education film. I very much doubt it’s intention was to educate as much as provide toss fodder for the grubby raincoat brigade of London’s seedy Soho.

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The two ‘models’ you can see above and below rotating their wares are ‘Carol’ and ‘Steven’, bless their cotton socks (not pictured). We see them in various sexual positions throughout the film but they keep reeeeaaalllly still apart from the odd snog. Which – frankly, I find a bit confusing. At one point they rather impressively perform the tricky lotus position where both of them stand on one leg. Which would be hugely impressive but for the fact they fall over half way though. Still, ten out of ten for trying eh?

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Weirdly the BBFC refused it a certificate but was shown regardless by London council who seemed to be in a progressive mood at the time. Needless to say it went on to break box office records and played to packed houses of wankers for months.

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