Monday, 24 October 2011

The God Botherers

Philip Oakes: journalist, poet, film maker and author. Mates with huge thinkers Desmond Morris (surrealist painter and writer of the Naked Ape) and the lad himself, Tony Hancock (for whom he provided the screenplay to The Punch and Judy Man).

Philip wrote the blackly comic and savage The God Botherers after working on a teenagers telly programme for ITV called The Sunday Break and it shows.

'god botherer, n. Person who meddles with matters of faith, out of conviction, or for personal profit. Original usage ecclesiastical; now general, and derogatory.'

It concerns James Paramor, a middle aged TV producer, beset by marriage and money problems who decides to become a GB out of necessity. He's ordered to devise a programme to bring faith to the 60s swinging teen scene and becomes embroiled in gun toting politicians, sexual chicanery, massacres in the Congo, and surprise, surprise, religious zealots. It's brilliant and throughly recommended.

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