Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dressed To Kill

I've just watched 'The Marseilles Contract' (1974). It's not much of a film, so my attention wandered a bit and then, for the last forty minutes or so, I became more and more obsessed with Michael Caine's black and red leather jacket.

Is he uncannily predicting the 'Thriller' video? Is he attempting to show he is ready for anything? Is it something to do with road safety? Does he not realise that a tight, waist length jacket is the worst possible thing to wear if you have a paunch and a fat arse? Don't even get me started on his blue black jeans. I think they might be Gloria Vanderbilt ones.

Watching him walk down the street in the jacket and the jeans is mesmerising. They should have made that the plot. The film may be about drugs, but that outfit IS drugs.

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