Sunday, 4 September 2011

Zed's Dead


Sean Connery and Charlotte Rampling meet the sharp end of the ageing process, a fitting end to our special week celebrating the wonderful, bonkers Zardoz. Phew. We hope you've enjoyed it.

We'll be back once we've changed out of our big red nappies, and liberally applied some talcum powder to the chafed areas.


  1. I attended a special screening of Zardoz with Boorman in attendance a few years back. According to Boorman, Connery hated getting made-up, so obviously had a grueling time with the aging make-up. Anyway, it was the very last shot they had to film, it was in the can, and Connery was getting ready to head off to some golf tournament. Then some berk who was working on the set opened up the can of film that had just been shot and ruined it! So they had to go back to tell Connery that he had to endure the aging process all over again. According to Boorman, Connery went berserk and went for the guy who had opened the film,and had to be held back by five people! (Boorman also observed that Zardoz was "a little bit prophetic and a little bit pathetic.)

  2. Thanks for running this thread and getting me off my arse long enough to go upstairs to fetch the bloody DVD.

    I would dearly love to see you lot get your Cuban heels stuck into 'The Final Programme'.