Sunday, 4 September 2011

Zariku Number Six

We've really enjoyed all of your comments on the M&C Zardoz Week, and would like to extend a special thank you to those who entered the Zariku competition. 

For those who couldn't be arsed to read the comments boxes, here are the submissions:

Penis is evil?

Teenage masturbation zone
'92 ITV


All I remember

Of teenage required viewing:

Giant floating head


Wacky Sci-Fi Films
Should always feature pairs of
Big Red Underpants


A lost marvel
Of lost marbles.
Lucky Alan being frank
derides the peculiar treasure as total wank.


Sir Sean Connery
 Seldom reminisces with
Plain John Alderton


However, it was the mighty AC who beat off stiff competition to win the Zariku competition with this dazzling entry:

Zariku For A Zariku Competition

Point blank boots, trunks
of tattooed milkman for the
housewives of the future


We particularly liked the lop sided, unconventional line lengths, the 'Point Blank' reference and the allusion to Sir Sean's previous job as a milkman. What a long, strange trip it's been for him.

Send us your details, AC, and we'll send you something in return. Rest assured, the 8 x 10's of the Mounds & Circles gang mud wrestling naked apart from bullet belts and pants are still at the chemist, where they are working through the night to put those little stickers on any visible appendages. 

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