Friday, 2 September 2011

From A to Zed

John Boorman with Bill Stair
130 pp
Pan Books
London, 1974

Based on Boorman's original screenplay, and representative of the disappointing standard one expects of the film tie-in genre, this fleshes out a little of Zed's history and its descriptions of the more obscure moments from the film may be of some assistance to those of limited imaginative faculties.

The hard words of the text serve to emphasise the 'science' aspects of the narrative - cool, descriptive, empirical - but repress the 'fiction' of the film's audio-visual features - warm, poetic, romantic. This is the bare bones of the story without the pleasures of the flesh, and one senses that Bill Stair had to work hard to marshal Boorman's original sprawling yarn into a pocket-sized page-turner.

Much better to experience the fuzzy intelligence of the film, as the viewer can actively observe key scenes and take a more passive approach at other times and let the ideas wash over one with the lyrical artistry of the sounds and images. Deep joy.

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