Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday Night Film: Suns Of Easter Island

'Suns Of Easter Island’ is an strange one. Directed by Pierre Kast in 1974, it starts with a lecture on geomancy before settling into an almost hypnotically slow new age groove. The plot is minimal, but the atmosphere is fantastic. One by one, six people across the globe experience hallucinations of social unrest and glimpses of ancient stone heads, before waking up to realise that they now have a small disc permanently grafted to the palm of their right hand.

Driven my forces they don’t really understand, the six people (and a spare boyfriend) all make their way their way to Santiago (it means ‘whales vagina’ in Spanish) in Chile, the embarkation point for Easter Island, their ultimate destination.

Mystical Science

I've just had the strangest dream...


Easter Island is probably the most amazing film location on Earth: small (62 square miles) remote (2,000 miles from the next inhabited land mass), with three volcanoes (inactive), hundreds of caves, thousands of petroglyphs, very few buildings, hardly any trees and, of course, 887 moai, ornamental statuary between 900 and 300 years old.

Big Head
 When they arrive, now firmly and rather smugly established as a group, they wander around taking in the scenery, before convening in a cave where an ancient, almost unseen presence tells them their mission: every five hundred years, aliens come to Easter Island to commune with the chosen with a view to setting up a permanent bridge between themselves and humanity. The travellers make their way out and align themselves with a row of moai. The aliens arrive as dazzling balls of light and make contact, searching the human’s minds for a picture of life on Earth.

A happy band of travellers

 Sadly, the alien visitors are not impressed by the long stream of images of death, destruction and horror, however, and promptly fuck off for another 500 years, the ultimate cosmic ‘thanks, but no thanks’. They’ll be back…

He can wait
 'Suns Of Easter Island’ is a very cool little film if you can hack the somnolent pace and don’t mind the obvious influence of the Robert Charroux /Eric Von Danniken ‘Ancient Astronaut’ theories that were in vogue at the time. Most of all, the film looks great, and some of the shots of Easter Island are quite incredible. I’d love to go, but haven’t a hope in hell of convincing the family that, perhaps next Summer,
we should maybe go somewhere really different.


  1. Christ, I'd love to see this. Can't even find a trailer for it anywhere.

  2. Expensive and probably OOP French language DVD here:âques-Alexandra-Stewart/dp/B004CG2WUE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317506987&sr=8-1

    No info on English subs on page I'm afraid.

  3. Looks amazing, never heard of it.

  4. Currently working on a solution to this unavailability problem - watch this space.

  5. Had a copy of this sitting on the shelf for a while and haven't watched it yet.
    Back to the top of the pile it goes.
    Ultimate cosmic thanks for the reminder.