Thursday, 8 September 2011

Birth of The Robot

Another slice of super garish, hugely technical, fantastically creative Len Lye genius from 1935. If only adverts were like this these days.


  1. An Artist has to work like any body else, shame.


    The Secret War, The War for Oil. By Frank C. Hanighen & Anton Zischka, 1935

    Much of the text is by Anton Zischka from his famous 1934 book, a copy of
    which I inherited from my grand father, a Shell employee.

    The fascinating story of Standard Oil and Royal Dutch Shell, The wars, the
    military coups, the never ending intrigues throughout the world from Iran and
    Iraq to Venezuela and Mexico and the role of the British, US, Russian and
    French governments and their Intelligence Services.

    The cold war strategies were, in many respects, learned in the secret war for oil.