Monday, 29 August 2011

Upstairs at Arthur's

In which Zed enters Arthur Frayn's house and discovers all manner of magician's props and occult artefacts, a mandala/astrological chart on the ceiling, phrenological bust and palmistry hand, wall diagrams documenting the rise of the Eternal's "homo superior", René Magritte's 'Le Château des Pyrénées' (a nod to the floating head), antique scientific instruments and children's toys.

These all add a certain cultural and historical depth to the unfolding story, and the anachronisms serve to throw into relief the new-age science of the Vortex.

Death meets death
Arthur's Psychedelic Disco
Most importantly Zed finds Frayne's ring, which sends him into some confusion when it begins to speak and project images, especially that of the man he's recently killed.

Fyoocharisik zpellin
What the...
Some years before Zardoz, Boorman had been commissioned to direct a film of Lord of the Rings. He produced a screenplay but no studio would give it the green light; perhaps this experience found it's way into Zardoz through the rings the Eternals must all wear to commune with the Tabernacle?

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  1. They should make a sequel, I know Connery could still pull off that outfit.