Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lionel Bart's Art

Isn’t This Where We Came In? (1968) has liner notes by weirdo kiddie fiddler Jonathan King, was orchestrated by John Cameron, has Kes flautist Harold McNair playing on it and was written by Oliver! composer, good old Lionel Bart and really is an oddity.

This extraordinary release tells a very specific story about watching a film of your life for some reason or other and is about as out and out bonkers as you can get. In fact, I doubt you could think of a more bonkers thing than ITWWCI unless you were actually thinking of ITWWCI. The clip below doesn’t really do the sheer mind-mangling beauty of this lunatic album justice as it’s one of the more pop moments and is called May A Man Be Merry for reasons best known only to our Lionel. Have a listen - it has a mad piano break at about two minutes in that’s just to die for.

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