Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday Night Film: Black Moon

'Black Moon' was directed by Louis Malle in 1975. Largely formless, it begins with a badger getting run over before getting really strange. Set in a world where women are at war with men (Malle described this as 'the ultimate civil war'), teenage Lily (Cathryn Harrison, daughter of Noel, granddaughter of Rex) gets lost in the country trying to escape from summary execution, ending up on a large, strange country estate with a large, strange family.

Hello, Roadkill.

Lily / Alice.

There's always something really creepy about a gas mask.

Drink Me.

A beautiful, baffling film, 'Black Moon' was superbly photographed by Ingmar Bergman's right hand man, Sven Nyquist, and is full of shots of insects and snakes, birds, sheep, pigs, badgers and unicorns, yes, unicorns, as well as some startling sound design.

Piss poor Unicorn.

Casualty of War, Chickens.

Joe Dallesandro strikes a pose.

Malle's idiosyncratic take on 'Alice In Wonderland', you could see it as a fairy tale set in the near future, or as an extended exercise in head scratching surrealism. Either way, watching it is an unforgettable experience, as no matter where you come in there is always some supremely odd scene or image only a few seconds away, from a giant talking rat, to screaming flowers, feral kids herding livestock, and a young woman breastfeeding her grandmother. Recommended.

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  1. I've added Black Moon to my rental list, sounds right up my alley.

    RE Gas masks: Dr Who - The Deadly Assassin. I've had a fear of them ever since. It's because they remind us of skulls I think.