Monday, 22 August 2011

Cover Girl Killer

'Cover Girl Killer' isn’t even an hour long, but it crams an awful lot into its short running time, some bad, some great, some insane. When glamour models start turning up murdered, it becomes apparent that someone is knocking off the cover stars of a porn mag called ‘Wow!’. The Police have a suspect, Mr. Spendoza, a bizarre looking man with an acrylic wig and thick pebble glasses who is masquerading as a photographer / TV producer / agent. Spendoza is actually a heavily disguised Harry H Corbett, a highly intelligent, completely nuts moral crusader against filth – like Holly Johnson, he sees ‘sex and horror as the new gods’ and he doesn’t like it, not one bit.


Dead, but looking good.

Wow, indeed.

Stage Door Johnnies.


She's sorry now.


Fast moving and only slightly creaky, ‘Cover Girl Killer’ is good value for money. A few too many scenes are allocated to the American hero, but this is counterbalanced by the super laid back pipe puffing investigating detective and by Corbett, effectively playing a dual role as both the psychotic, really creepy Spendoza and his smooth, unnamed ‘real life’ self who, like a lot of clever clogs deranged murderers, seems only too eager to help the Police with their enquiries. Corbett was once described as ‘the English Marlon Brando’, and although he lacks that sort of charisma in this role, he shows enough dramatic flair to make you wonder where his career might have gone if he hadn’t been pigeonholed as a comic actor.

There’s a low smut rating on this, but it gets extra points for swilling around in the milieu of strip clubs and seedy photographic studios, and a gold star for the sheer range of animal print bikinis.

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  1. This film became a legend with me and a couple of schoolmates. Trust you to dig it up.