Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jazz Interlude #6

Ahhhhh, Joki Freund. A German multi instrumentalist (tenor sax, clarinet, trumpet, tuba, trombone, violin, accordion, sousaphone, piano and vibraphone) he played with Jutta Hipp in the early 50s before forming his own Quintet and recording this; his masterpiece – Joki Jazz in 1963.

Every single track on this album will lift your heart with a kind of melancholy joy and leave you daydreaming happily. Joki’s helped along by the bittersweet flute playing of Emil Mangelsdorff (second only to England’s Harold McNair in my opinion), which you can hear to full effect in the You Tube clip below. If you dig Emil's playing then his album Swinging Oildrops is well worth a listen too.

I also love the pre-photoshop cover on Joki Jazz, it slightly mangles your brain if you stare at it for too long and bang, smack in the middle is this beautiful font. An album to die for. Recommended ten times over.

(I should point out that this album's a right bastard to get hold of on LP (and CD for that matter), but it's now up on iTunes if you wanna copy yourself. Oh, and Swinging Oildrops is too, so you might as well buy both while you're clicking away)