Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday Night Film: Incubus

I like William Shatner and I like Esperanto so, as you can imagine, I freaking love 'Incubus'.

In a village by the sea, the venal and the conceited gather to prolong their worthless lives with the magical, recuperative powers of the local water. Whilst there, they are seduced by succubi: young, blond women who lead them into temptation and then kill them and send their corrupted souls to Satan.

(En a vilagxo de la mare la maro la venal kaj la vana kunveni al etendi me valoro tago kun la magical fari bona potenco da la loka akvo dum tie ili estas seduc de succubi juna blonda women kiu konduki ili en al tenti kaj tiam mortigi ili kaj dssendi ilia fendo animo al Diablo)

Heavy Sandal.

Strangely On The Shore.

Into this rather odd set up walks William Shatner - a wounded soldier with an incorruptible soul. When a succubi cannot destroy a man, she is fated to fall in love with him - with far reaching cosmic results.

Not Quite.

'I'm Gary, and I'm a Capricorn'

Thrown together quickly by 'Outer Limits' producer Leslie Stevens, 'Incubus' is a truly bizarre film: arty, beautiful, original - yet also clumsy and cheap and very slow moving. It looks like a Bergmanesque bad dream, and the the choice of Esperanto as the language spoken throughout is a stroke of genius - it makes an odd film even odder, and lends a suitably disorienting feel to this already atmospheric production.
The actors learned their lines phonetically rather than getting to grips with the language, and this shows in their disjointed performances (they apparently speak it very badly, so the film isn’t even a favourite with Esperanto speakers).

I voli al savi mia amino!

Via animo estas mino! 

I know what you're thinking: 'Clips! We must have clips!'

Eerie seaside suucubi shenanigans.

William Shatners acts badly, in Esperanto this time. I get the feeling he wasn't particularly excited by the project.

‘Incubus' is not the only film made in Esperanto, but it’s the only film made in Esperanto starring William Shatner where the good struggles with evil, life struggles with death and a supernatural woman struggles with a goat and, as such, is a fairly unique cinematic experience, and a very worthy first entry in our Friday Night Film category.

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