Thursday, 30 June 2011


Before the Mahavishnu fusion wig-outs, before the Spanish virtuosity, before the reworked ragas, even before the work with Miles Davis, came 'Extrapolation',
John McLaughlin's 1969 debut album. Extraordinarily, this was recorded when he was only 26.

Born in Doncaster (yes, Paul) McLaughlin was never really part of the British 60s/70s jazz scene, though this recording fits perfectly. His albums with Miles led me to overlook much British jazz in favour of American for many years, a sin for which I continue to berate myself. M&C hope to redress the balance with a few well-chosen British jazz tunes in due course.

I don't believe in ultimate artworks, nor do I care for 'Top Tens' and the manufactured consent of critics and the media. Don't put a label on me, daddy-o or I'll bust ya chops. The world changes and so do I. But there are a few constants, a select number of paintings, films and tunes that I return to over the years that always hit the spot. This is one of them.

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